Defective Products

We all trust that the products we buy will work as advertised. No one would buy a certain product if they knew that it would break or somehow fail, but the reality is that they often do fail, sometimes with devastating effects.

Companies that sell products to the public have a responsibility to ensure they are safe for general use, but in a society where companies are trying their hardest to trim the bottom line in order to stay competitive, sometimes serious safety violations get passed over, and the consumers get their hands on truly dangerous items.

This can lead to things like bicycle brake cables snapping under use, target-shooting gun barrels exploding, tire treads slipping off while on the freeway, office chairs suddenly collapsing, laptop/phone or power tool batteries suddenly igniting, etc. Serious and permanent injuries and deaths may occur due to defective products, so it is extremely important to hold a company responsible for the damage its defective products cause.

Types of Product Defects


There are multiple ways that a product can be deemed dangerous, such as:

  • Design defects – These problems will arise during the product design phase, when particular safety features are overlooked entirely, leading to unintentional harm upon use
  • Manufacturing errors – This covers things such as low quality or faulty materials, poor workmanship, lackluster quality control, etc.
  • Insufficient safety warnings or instructions – Products need warning labels that let the average consumer know that there is a potential for danger, and to ensure safe use

Regardless of what causes a product to fail, if an injury occurs as a result, there is a chance the company that built it was aware, or became aware, of the danger, and can be held liable for its negligence.

Trusted, Qualified Defective Product Representation


If you have been seriously injured, or a loved one was injured or killed due to a defective product, I am your personal injury advocate. I have the experience you need, and I take pride in providing exceptional representation. I work with my clients directly, and I make sure I explain all of your options as well as suggesting a best course of action. Call me at (480) 390-5157 or get in touch through my contact form, and I can get started on your case.



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