Motorcycle Accidents

There is nothing quite like the feel of the sun on your face and the wind in your hair as you cruise down the road on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, that additional experience comes at the cost of fewer protections, which means that when things go wrong, they can turn tragic in a heartbeat.

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can leave you with life-changing or permanent injuries, even if the accident was not your fault. Without the standard automobile safety features, a motorcyclist is especially vulnerable to serious injury. If another person’s negligence led to your motorcycle accident, you could be entitled to financial compensation. Motorcycle repairs, hospital stays, current and future medical bills, and loss of wages can be extremely costly for the victim, not to mention the pain and suffering an injury can cause.

Do not pay the price for the negligence of another driver. I have experience representing motorcycle accident victims and getting them and their loved ones the compensation they deserve. As one of my clients, you will receive the personalized attention you and your case deserve. Call me today at (480) 390-5157 or fill out my contact form to get an experienced, compassionate attorney in your corner.

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Motorcycle Accidents and their Causes


Motorcycle accidents can be caused by too many factors to list out, but more often than not it is due to the negligence of another driver. When the driver of another vehicle does not pay attention or watch for motorcycles, they may make lane changes unexpectedly, drift in to the next lane, make turns when the road was not clear, or otherwise crash into a motorcyclist. A split-second of inattentiveness can leave the motorcyclist paying the price.

Motorcycle accidents can also occur from other causes not involving a second driver. Hazardous roadways, debris on the road, defective parts, and various mechanical issues can all lead to accidents.

No matter what the circumstances were surrounding your injury, if you were harmed in an accident by the negligence of another person or entity, I can help seek maximum compensation on your behalf.

Arizona Motorcycle Attorney Who is Here for You


If you were harmed in a motorcycle accident, I am here to help. I understand the seriousness of the situation, and want to help you make things right. While you focus on recovery, I will be investigating your case, gathering evidence, and working toward the best possible outcome of your case.

I am a litigation attorney devoted to assisting the victims and families of those who have suffered serious injury or wrongful death. I pride myself on providing exceptional representation, and I work with my clients directly. If you have been seriously injured, or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed and are in need of someone to fight for you, then I am your advocate. Call me at (480) 390-5157 or get in touch through my contact form, and I can get started on your case.



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